How To Find Happiness In Your Exercise Routine

Sometimes there’s days I don’t feel like getting out of bed.

I don’t feel motivated.

I don’t feel like eating healthy because it’s too hard.

I’ve hated my body and the way I look.

I’ve disliked my habits and how hard it is to break them.

My sleep is not good enough, long enough, and could use some work.

Most people have at some point in their life thought these things, or even talked to someone about these things. What does it mean? Why do people struggle?

Because we’re human. Because we have flaws, insecurities, doubts, low self esteem. We’re not perfect, but the thing is, we were not made to be perfect. But still, so many people are so hard on themselves because they know that they can be doing better than what they’re currently doing. So many people force themselves to do things they don’t like: Get up early to go to your job that only brings stress and pain; go on a strict no-meat diet so you can fit into certain clothes; work out a certain way not because it makes you happy, but because it makes you feel just a little bit better about your body image.

What keeps many from finding joy in exercise and fitness is stressing over the small things, which causes us to lose sight of what really matters. This makes living a “healthy lifestyle” feel like a burden and makes it a struggle to maintain. The outcome of this is people either reject the healthy behaviors or become obsessed to the point that it controls their lives.

But what happens when you start doing things that bring you joy?

Life happens.

At the end of the day, fitness and a healthy lifestyle is NOT about mastering your diet and exercise and making it the center of everything. It’s understanding how it should play a role in your happiness and making sure you can experience the type of life you want.

Your fitness or nutrition plan should have 2 very important things included:

  1. Bring you happiness
  2. Be long-lasting and sustainable

Whether it’s training every single day or a few days a week, working out to get shredded or working out to feel comfortable in your own skin, start simplifying your fitness approach and focus on what you truly want to do. Once you can find that balance, you will start to see a difference in your everyday life.

Don’t let the stress of being perfect crush you. It happens to everyone. Let it motivate you, cause positive change, and most of all, let it change how you find true happiness.

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